Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dang it!

I tried to sit down and write yesterday but I was a giant ball of sadness. Yesterday was Husband's birthday. Although we've spent countless birthdays, anniversary's, Thanksgivings, Christmases, and practically all other important life celebrations apart, and it's sort of one of those things that you don't get used to, you just get over- I was especially sad that we weren't able to celebrate his birthday together this year.

The very dark, gloomy weather we had yesterday definitely didn't help my mood either. Had Husband been home we would have had the best day ever. Instead, the day started with a decent boozy bubble bath...and that was pretty much the highlight of my day. =/

I spent the rest of the day just going about things in a very slow, indifferent manner. I did a real grocery shopping trip last night, first one in six months; I swear it was the most depressing thing on the planet.

Today I woke up embarrassingly late which resulted in my first cup of coffee at noon. Lame. But the most exciting thing is that the sun is out, the skies are a beautiful bright blue, and I think today is going to be a great day! It's still rather chilly which is awesome, but the fact that it's soooo bright out gives me a wicked boost of energy and so I'm gearing up to go exploring!

We are in the final countdown before Husband's triumphant return! 3 days left!!! YES!!!! The next few days are going to be absolutely insane for me. I have a ritual when it comes to preparing for him to come home so I hope I get a chance to write the next few days... and to write about something other than him coming home, for your sake anyway.

Um, what else can I babble on about??? Oh, last week I acquired a mysterious hand injury. I smashed my left index finger between a couple 45 lb plates which sucked major. But, a couple days after I did that my fourth and fifth digits somehow got the brunt of the injury. I don't know how that happened but I pretty much couldn't open or close my left hand. I had to switch up my training to give my hand sometime to sort itself out. It got better for a day and I went ape shit at the gym... and I guess I was a little overzealous because now it hurts pretty bad. My left hand is pretty much useless right now. It's at the point where it feels functional, like I can grasp things but putting any kind of pressure on it makes me wince like a little bitch. There isn't any obvious swelling or bruising anymore so I often forget that it's injured. Ugh...

Do you find it odd that I attract a lot of bees? Mosquitos, I understand. I've been plagued by mosquitos my whole life, but the bees are a new thing. I haven't actually been stung by a bee before and the weird thing is that the bees just land on me and sit there... What do I do? Do I swat it like I would a mosquito? I just don't get it. They literally just sit on my hand or my leg and just hang out... weird, right?

Ok, well- I think I should it quits now on this post... the possibility of it going even further down hill is very evident so thanks for stopping by. I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday and I'll catch up with yous tomorrow.

Much Love,

Daily nugget: I'm sort of a make up geek and my favorite make up product has to be anything I can slather on my lips. A few years back Covergirl released this awesome lip gloss that was laced with Crest and it was my favorite thing ever. I was very proud of myself for getting all my friends hooked on it. Keep in mind, majority of my friends are guys.

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