Monday, October 14, 2013

Holy freaking cannoli!

Ever wake up and your reflection in the bathroom mirror just ruins your day? Yea, that was totally me this morning. I didn't even have my glasses on so it was still a very blurred reflection, Lord only knows how terrible it would have been had I seen the hot mess I was in unforgiving 20/20 vision. So I put my contacts in...

What in the hell?!? How can my hair even do that? Is this the start of a dread lock?? I was super pasty, which is weird in an of itself since I'm perpetually tan (Thank you good ole Chamorro blood) and looked like a blow fish that had been snorting coke all night. Everything was puffy... and red... and awesome I have a pimple. Eff word...

Today has been one of those days when I had no choice but to just lock myself at home. I look at it like a public service, really. I didn't want to subject the innocent citizens of Fiume Veneto to this wreck. No matter how much I tried to look remotely presentable today, I just kept doing something wrong... Nothing fit on my body right today. Even my favorite pair of skinny jeans just looked... weird. So, I threw on some yoga pants and an oversized hoodie since I had no plans to leave this house anyway. Avoided looking at any reflective surface and just wore my hood all day, shield myself... from myself.

I've amped up my hydration habits ten fold and like magic, I'm looking less puffer fish and more like myself. The pimple, however, still plagues me. Better today than in two. Gotta search for that silver lining...

Anyway, it's almost 7pm. I've been cleaning this house for roughly 8 hours now and I think it's time for a break. I do want to set the record straight. It's a pretty big house and although 8 hours seems like an excessive amount of time, even for this house- I am a stress cleaner... When I'm stressed out, I go ape shit and take it out on my floors, my kitchen, and I ALWAYS end up doing something with my clothes. Always- either I'll throw everything out, or I'll wash everything even though it's already clean, or I'll rearrange the set up of my wardrobes, inside and out. But my problem is that I can't focus in my rage out state so my entire house was torn to pieces, like all rooms simultaneously and slowly I started putting things in their current proper place.

I've made significant progress today and I'm ready to call it quits for the night. I have reached my capacity for being stuck at home so I am going to grab some dinner in town, and relax for a minute because it's back to the grind bright and early tomorrow morning.

Daily nugget: My cats are very sensitive to the stress vibes I emit. When I go crazy with the deep cleaning, they freak out and don't know how to process the tornado that is me while I organize. They try to avoid me but it's so much turmoil that they literally vomit everywhere.

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