Sunday, October 6, 2013

Just because I'm a drama queen...

Sundays always seem to be the day when things from my past come back into my mind. Most of the time it's stuff that makes me laugh. Other times, like today, it's about things I wish I would have done differently.

A few weeks back a friend of mine posted an article that struck a major chord with me. It talks about entitlement and our unrealistic expectations of daily situations. I thought I had written something awesome and this guy hacked into my blog and stole it from me because it was exactly how I feel. His opening line "As much as I hate to admit it I'm a shitty person by default." My jaw dropped- seriously, did I write this??? I feel the exact same way! That line is my truth.

I'm at a point in my life when I have the opportunity to do things precisely how I want to. If I don't feel like waking up until noon, I don't. If I don't want to go out to dinner for the fourth day in a row, I have sushi delivered. If this particular dress doesn't go with my current hair color, I go buy one that does.

Not to plagiarize or anything but Lengstorf said it best, "I'm not telling you this to brag about my life. I'm trying to paint a picture of what an entitled asshole I can be."

You should take a minute to check out the article. It's brilliant.

I had a pretty shitty past couple of days. I've been in the worst mood and I started complaining... about everything. Yesterday I finally pulled myself out of bed and forced myself to do something, anything... The hair, makeup, and outfit was a good start but I was still bitter. I could still hear the negativity in the back of my mind, "I wish I had longer hair, I wish I had that YSL lipstick, I wish I had that gray leather jacket I saw in Florence..." Goodness! What a ridiculous, materialistic brat I was being.

I knew I was going to run into people- that was the plan. Go out, be social- it tends to make me feel better. But, I didn't want to complain I didn't want to be that girl that puts a damper on someone's day with my #firstworldproblems. So I started thinking about what Lengstorf said. I started thinking of the good stuff that has happened to me the past few days despite the sour mood I was in. Slowly, I started to feel less blasé.

I wear my emotions on my sleeves and luckily for you I'm usually always bubbly. I'm not one for fake happy, or fake anything really (says the girl who is in love with false eyelashes, but that's besides the point...haha). But the notion of "fake it till you make it" can be useful and it proved to be so yesterday. The more I forced myself to focus on the good that's happened thus far in my day, the more good stuff kept happening. Weird, huh?

The kicker was the random yet very pleasant conversation I had with a stranger in the parking lot. I just came from the commissary, a place I don't necessarily like going to, and especially not on the weekends. On my trek back to the car, I reflected on the little things that made this typically daunting task, good. They had an amazing selection of eggplants, almond butter was back in stock, toilet paper was on sale, and the lines were short and moved quickly. I smiled to myself a couple times, and when I got to my car there was a guy rushing by but he actually stopped to ask me what's got me so happy. Apparently, he's never seen anyone come out of the commissary looking so pleased before. True statement, I've never seen it either!

He noticed the cupcake charm hanging from my rear view mirror which sparked a very funny conversation about cupcakes- his kryptonite and my passion! He started talking about one of the best cupcakes he's ever had which he purchased at a bake sale last year. As it turns out, he was referring to the bake sale I spear headed for the AKG memorial golf tournament. And the best cupcake he's ever had? Yea, I made that. I have never heard anyone talk about my cupcakes the way he did. It was almost creepy haha. That was the best part of my day. Getting to hear about how doing what I love to do makes someone so happy that they went on a bake sale raid for months in hopes of finding that elusive cupcake.

That simple act of searching for the good in any situation, as little as it may be turned into a snowball of positivity. I rode that high for the rest of the day. I went to bed happy, woke up refreshed and I'm sitting here still happy as a clam. Kind of bummed, though because had I forced myself to be positive sooner, who knows what other really good stuff could have happened.

Instead of sharing the complaints, try sharing the love. When you highlight the good in your day, try to share that with someone. Your positivity has the ability to turn someone's sour mood into their best day ever.

Much love and gratitude,

Daily Nugget: Three good things that have happened in my day: I had a very delicious breakfast, I have heat in my house, and my animal children are very lovey dovey and can't get enough of my snuggles this morning.

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