Thursday, October 31, 2013

Make up is my mood ring

I think the reason why I'm constantly late to pretty much any scheduled event is because I love to play with make up. I thoroughly enjoy sifting through my make up collection, to find products that will reflect my current mood. The pops of color here and there, figuring out how to use seemingly uni-tasker products in unexpected ways, understanding how shades and certain finishes make my skin look brighter, my eyes seem more intense, and more importantly, what looks just don't work for me.

I turn to make up because it is the simplest way for me to express my individuality on a very temporary basis. Make up is fun and should never be taken seriously. This is my outlet to be adventurous and wild because everything else in my fashion life is constant. I don't ever give into fashion fads, I dress rather classic from season to season. Since I no longer allow myself to use my mane as my mood ring, cosmetics is my muse and boy do I love her.

Daily Nugget: Birthday shout out to my friend Huff. He's an awesome little fellow who is stationed at Luke AFB, Arizona. He'll be getting a swift kick to the nut when I see him in less than 4 weeks. Happy Birthday Princess! Love you bunches.

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