Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oh, this is nice

Alright, I dropped off the planet for the last two days. My sincerest apologies. Husband is home now so I fear that I will not have time for my daily blog posts. This can't be a bad thing, right? =)

So, the first 24 hours after his triumphant return have been a total blur for me. I have no idea what on earth I was freaking out about. He is incredible!

A mere four hours after I finally fell asleep I was woken up by a very nervous voice quietly greeting me on the other line. It was a friend calling me at 6am to get out of bed. It was the most important 6am wake up call of my life. My friends know me all too well to let my lack of time management ruin this glorious day. So terribly tired, I finally pulled myself out of bed and started to get ready. Haphazardly throwing goop on my face and trying to figure out how to work my hair straightener at 6am was interesting to say the least. Finally, the sun comes up at 7:30am and I'm dressed and ready to go. Husband's plane isn't scheduled to land for another two hours. Butterflies galore I couldn't even breathe.

I tried to fill the time with mundane morning routine stuff but all I could do was just sit quietly in my living room... watching my pet children sleep so soundly cuddled up together by the heaters. I wish I was still in bed... thought about it too but I ended up baking a cake. Something I do when I'm in need of calmness and recalibration. It did me good too. I checked my phone, 8:45am- it's finally time. Heart pounding out of my chest, I clean up quickly and warm up my car. Sifting through my iPod, I decided on OMAM for the drive tunes. This was a good idea. It's uppity but not too poppy- great for this particular morning.

About 15 minutes out from arriving at the base I get a phone call. It's Husband's shop- kid said "His flight got pushed back and won't be in until 10:40am." I immediately laugh. This was all a ruse! Again, my friends know me all too well. They have yet to admit it, but I know they all gathered and came up with this elaborate plan to get me up and out of bed in plenty of time to primp and get myself ready to go with so much time to spare that it would be impossible for me to be late. I couldn't even be mad at any of them- they are brilliant! Their plan soooo worked! I took a minor detour to the nearest cafe and sat there just enjoying the chilly fall morning that promised lots of sunshine for the rest of the day.

Two giant cappuccinos later it was 10am. FINALLY- it's time. I paid my tab and restarted the OMAM. The burst of caffeine didn't hit me until I was standing in Husband's shop, surrounded by all the guys getting ready to go to the terminal. I swear, it was probably the most annoying thing for them to see. I was unbelievably giddy and super duper hyper. My initial excitement kept doubling up on itself the longer I stood there and watched the time tick away... 10 minutes, 8 minutes, 5 minutes. It's time! It's time! It's time!!!!

We all piled into our cars and drove 3 minutes down the road. The plane was parked, the bags were being off loaded, then the files of people started pouring out the plane. I had to fight with everything I had to not puke all over the parking lot.

My whole world exploded when his beautiful blue eyes locked on mine. The smile he flashed me made my heart melt into a puddle of mush. The hug... oh lord that hug was the kind of hug I've been waiting for my whole life! Everything was right again. All the anxiety and nervousness just vanished the minute I felt his heart beat against my chest. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

Needless to say, I've been a bit preoccupado the past couple of days. =) Husband is awesome and I'm so happy that he's finally home.

Until tomorrow, much love!

Daily Nugget: When you're super excited about something, the idea of putting Bailey's in your cappuccino to mellow you out will not yield the results you want. Bailey's is rendered completely ineffective.

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