Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The best days of my life

My Heaven right here on Earth

Did you know that I'm a huge fan of live music? Sure, I have my favorite genres which you can read about here, but really- anytime I can just sit and listen to someone play any kind of music right before my eyes, no matter if it is electric or acoustic, I fall into a deep trance. I get so caught up in just feeling the music flow through me that all other worries and all other people far away- all of it just melts away into the darkness.

Husband is an amazing guitarist. He is self taught and impressively motivated when it comes to his playing. He will lock himself in his studio for hours to learn his favorite music and practice until it is just perfect. Lucky for me, he loves to play anything [read: everything] by Adam Jones. It's like having a private Tool rehearsal right here in my own house. I absolutely love it.

Of all the fun things we do when he returns from a work trip, I think my favorite has to be just sitting with him in his studio and watching him play. It makes my heart swell. He's passionate about it and he's so damn good at it which makes it that much more enjoyable for me.

When we first got to Italy and we were searching for a house, one of the main criteria was having a stand alone unit because we didn't want to have any issues with his music being too loud. We ended up finding this amazing farm house in the middle of no where. The only thing is that our landlord's house is attached to our building. When he saw all of Husband's guitar equipment he said that Husband can play as loud as he wants, just as long as he doesn't suck. Haha! Needless to say, we signed for the house that day.

Speaking of live music... We are pretty much the most ridiculous couple when it comes to giving in to our musical temptations. NIN released their latest album just in time for our 9th anniversary, Hesitation Marks, and I must say I'm itching to catch one of their shows for this tour. After about 45 seconds of discussion, Husband and I decided to jump on a plane next month to see them live in Seattle. BIG SMILES! I really am digging the new album but my favorite song so far has to be a toss up between All time low and Disappointed.

Daily Nugget: My landlord's name is Claudio. Claudio has a cleaning lady who just can't seem to figure out our shared trash situation. So, I got yelled at by our garbage man, again.

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