Sunday, October 27, 2013

Well, this is just ridiculous

Thursday? Ugh, Thursday was my last blog post. So much for daily blogging. =/ In my defense I have been super busy. I had to work all weekend and there was absolutely no time to do anything else.

This week should be better though. I have a random job in the middle of the week but it's easy as pie so I am excited to get a bunch of posts out that I've been working on. Which reminds me- "must charge camera battery." That's right- road trip this week!

I have a niece- her name is Noelani. She will be two years old next month. Noelani and I share an uncanny resemblance. Most people think she is my daughter because we look so much alike. If you compare my baby photos to a photo of her today it's practically impossible to tell who is who.

Living abroad has so many perks and I never regret being here. Although, I miss my brothers and feel terrible for not being present for the birth of my only bloodline niece, we try our very best to keep me as active in her life as possible. Six months after she was born I did make a trip out to Texas to see her. Up until then I got to see her via Skype and a billion pictures. I was so smitten with her and how adorable she is. It wasn't until I held her for the first time that my heart melted completely. I had no idea I could love someone so much before even meeting her.

I know a lot of parents say that their love for a child is beyond words and I truly understand that. Although, Noelani is not my kid, I love this little girl so much- it hurts. She is a wild spirit and so full of life. There are many times that we are FaceTiming that I'm just so baffled by how beautiful and spunky she is that I just sit there in silence and watch her dance around. What makes me smile the most about her is the fact that even though she is nearly two years old, she already has such a colorful personality. She can be shy but she already is showing signs of pure confidence. She is fearless.

My eldest brother is her godfather, which in our culture basically means her second dad. Because my brothers are best friends I am so excited for Noelani and how she will be brought up. Two crazy fun dads and plenty of toys that go fast! Although, my brothers and I had a rocky childhood, their methods of raising a little girl proved to be successful. [Yes, that was a shameless self promotion] She is already following in my footsteps of being a girly girl who isn't afraid to do anything. She's a wicked dare devil and a total adrenaline junkie. Her favorite activities include riding her Barbie four wheeler full throttle down the hill (in a fancy dress nonetheless), dancing around the kitchen to girly pop music, and baking and cake decorating. Seriously- this kid! LOOOOOOVE HER!

She is also rather open to trying new foods which makes my heart sing! My parents did a rocking job at removing the stigma of eating vegetables while we were growing up and I guess my brothers have learned how to do that too. Noelani is a die hard vegetarian. She'll eat chicken and will try other animal proteins, but she mostly gravitates towards colorful vegetables. Put a bag of cereal and a bowl of baby carrots in front of her and she wouldn't even notice the cereal. This is awesome!

Because she is my only bloodline niece it was very important for me to be as active in her life as possible. Husband and I will not allow the distance between us and her to be an issue. Ever. We talked about ways to see her and keep a strong presence in her life even before she was born. This little girl will grow up knowing that all her dreams will come true because of the example her parents, her godparents (my eldest brother and his wife), and Husband and me will continue to show her. We are treading a microscopic line of giving her a multitude of possibilities versus completely spoiling her rotten. Sure, we all believe that she deserves the finest of things in her life but we can't seem to deny her of anything either.

My hope for her is that she will grow up knowing how loved she is and truly appreciate it. Again, we have a tendency to spoil her but I have faith that she will recognize it when she's older and adapt and attitude of gratitude. I hope that because she has a lavish lifestyle she will turn that into something positive for other people in her life. I hope she uses her beautiful personality to make some kind of difference in her world.

Now, I'm all sad and missing this little kid to the max. Sucks it's after midnight and she's clearly in bed... I wonder if her dad will wake her up if I FaceTime him right now... =) Maybe just a little Auntie creeping while she sleeps is in order. I'm going to give it a shot.

Talk tomorrow.

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