Monday, November 11, 2013

Just another manic Monday

Today started off as just another one of those days when I'm in the weirdest mood ever. I woke up bright and early, before the sun broke the horizon. I was lying in bed, watching the remaining leaves on the trees outside get whipped right off. The winds today are madness. It's absolutely freezing cold outside. Granted, it's only 60 degrees but it feels like the 40s.

I had a pretty awesome night's rest but I just didn't feel like starting my day until about an hour ago. So, giant cup of coffee in hand and here I sit. Writing to you...

The house is quiet. Husband is on a climbing trip with a couple friends. I worry that it will be a terrible climb. If the winds are this gnarly down on the flats, I know for a fact it will be wicked fierce at a higher elevation. He said something about a 9 pitch route today. Jesus.

Anyway, I have a few things that need to get shipped back to the states for our epic return to Phoenix in a couple of weeks. So, I'll get that all squared away this afternoon.

So, this weird mood. I'm feeling more displaced than I have ever felt before. I'm stuck in this mindset of utter anxiety. I cannot shake it. I'm constantly anxious about... something. And it could be the season- it is the season of perpetual change after all. It could be the music I'm listening to... I created a chill play list for my celebratory bubble bath last night. (Go Hawks 9-1!) It consists of a lot of Beck, Cat Powers, Pickwick, and the mellowest of Audioslave that I can find. I'm sure it doesn't help my current state of blah.

Either way- today has to turn itself around if it's the only thing I do.

Um, what else can I babble on about? I bought a new purse yesterday. It's gorgeous. It's a mustard yellow leather bag from Florence. I have a tendency to be attracted to things that are just the right amount of flashy. Forgive me- but the next few paragraphs will probably sound insane. I'm not really in the mood to censor or proof read my writing today. Anyway, I like pretty things. I was quickly walking by this leather shop and I saw this bag just tucked behind another gorgeous fuchsia one. The shop keeper thought it was the bright pink bag that would go home with me given my super girly outfit and my bright white Hello Kitty quilted bag that I was clutching. To his complete surprise, I grabbed the mustard yellow one. Looked it over, inside and out... checked it out in the mirror and BAM- the bag and I were one.

He even commented on how he has never seen anything like that before. Meaning, most women that buy his bags stand there and mull it over and are indecisive about which one to get. They also completely bypass all the colored leather and go for the more 'safe' ones of black and brown. He said I shop like a man. I thanked him for that. =) I do shop like a man.

I need rain boots.

My hair is killing me. I should not have gone back to blonde this winter. It's been a hassle trying to keep up with it. I just want to throw it up in a messy bun all the time so it stays off my scarves and so it doesn't get tangled up in my jackets... I'm highly considering getting the color corrected back to my brunette state and chopping it off to my shoulders... the classic bob for winter. Sigh... I'm such a girl right now.

Oh! I started reading this blog. It's called Notes to my Future Husband. Hilarious. She's so angry and I love it. She and I would clearly be best friends. I am considering adapting her blog style as my own. It's sort of Twitter-esque though so I'm not sure if I can do that. Plus, I'm not too sure if the world is ready for my legit vulgarity. I mean, my friends who know me will get it but perhaps that's just not what this here blog is about.

Goodness- I gotta go. It's time to go to the gym. Back day! Woot!

Daily Nugget: I fucken love getting shit in the mail. Amazon and boxes are the easiest way to turn this here frown right upside down. I don't even care what's in the Amazon box half the time. If you're going to send me stuff from, make sure you include the free socks with purchase. Those things are the shit.

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