Wednesday, November 6, 2013

No matter

No matter the routine, the plan, or the solid attempts at structure, the day to day life of a CrisM is so sporadic and chaotic that it is a wonder how I remember to feed my pet children... shit. I forgot to feed my pet children. Sigh...

Ok, everyone is fed now. I'm armed with my blender bottle of pre workout and ready to write.

So, today is one of those days when every single thing on my calendar needs to get done, like RIGHT NOW. And for every one thing I check off, two more gets added to the seemingly never ending list. Today is my favorite day at the gym because it's my heaviest training of the week- Legs. "Hump day Rump day!!!" Unfortunately, I have to workout here at home because all the other 900 billion things I have to accomplish today are in the complete opposite direction of my gym. Yea, sounds like a cop out but no one is more disappointed about this than I am.

After my workout, I have to quickly shower and get ready to head out. Italy is wonderful and I absolutely admire the lifestyle. Majority of the businesses around here run off of a lax operation schedule. "Hours of Operation" doesn't really exist here, it's more of a "when we feel like being open, we'll be be open, if not- come back tomorrow" which is really great and I can appreciate most days but TODAY I need everything to be open. I'm gathering a bunch of stuff to take back to the states for friends and most of the places are about an hour away in three different directions and I don't have the time or the patience to deal with 'la dolce vita' mindset of Italian shops today. And it just gets even more random since we're switching from summer to winter hours... one place that is normally open around 8am doesn't open until around 10am in the winter and other places that normally open at 3:30pm will open at 1pm, which is crazy since we do riposo here. Ugh- see my frustration?

Wish me luck that I get everything done today. Now, I have to get off here- my pre workout just kicked in and I'm flipping out. It's time to get my dead lifts on! Squats for days! Woot!

Oh, Husband and I went to this wicked awesome winery yesterday. Hopefully I'll be able to up load all the pics and post them tomorrow. God, I love Italy... It was so stinkin' cute. The place, the people, the wine, the food, everything. Perfection!

Have a great Rump Day! Talk again soon.

Daily Nugget: The gym is like church, sure you can take inventory of the frequent worshipers and comment on their dedication but it is never ok to try to pick up a girl in the middle of service. You'll just ruin her day. Creep.

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