Saturday, December 21, 2013

Caduceus Tasting Room

So, we went to Jerome. To get wine. We've been many times before while we lived in Phoenix and after living in Italy for so long, we are kind of winos. Well, Husband is. I just dabble in the verbiage and whatnot. I don't necessarily enjoy drinking wine. Mostly, because my body cannot metabolize the sulfates in it so I just plump up like an oompa loompa and it's uncomfortable to say the least.

But, while the boys were enjoying their nine hundred flights of wine, I chugged about 30 cappuccinos and it was grand!

Here are pictures!
I tried for days to get a decent cup of coffee...
I failed,  7 times. 

Finally! A true, Italian style cappuccino!
The antipasti, however, needed some work.

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