Friday, December 27, 2013

Today is a venting kind of day

So... here's the thing:

We live in a society that is all about constant one way communication. With all the social media out there we can put our lives on blast by sharing the most ridiculous things about our day. And we do...

But when it comes down to actual communication, like one on one, face to face- this generation sucks major balls at it.

What is so hard about looking at a person and speaking your mind? Why do some people insist on making the simplest things so difficult once you remove a damn keyboard? I briefly touched on this in a previous post but today I want to further discuss it. Or, more accurately, bitch about how some people just do it all damn wrong and my solution to no longer letting it bother me.

I understand that there are things that make people uncomfortable and that is probably why they shy away from having real life conversations. It's easy to just respond to a post or a text when it's convenient and after having time to think up a good excuse. But, in my opinion, it is fifty fucken million times easier to just speak your mind. You don't have to explain yourself, you just have to communicate your distaste or lack of interest on the subject matter.

"Hey Cris! Let's totally workout together tomorrow! What do you say?"

     I am one of the 6 million people who always, under all circumstances, has their phone on and no further than 3 feet away from their person at all times. When this message pops up on my phone, my first instinct is to respond immediately. I don't care who you are, what our relationship is like, and whether your invite was lame or not. The fact that you thought of me in the first place and made the effort to reach out to me warrants a response. And luckily for you, I always have my phone and you can expect a response from me the minute I get your text.

Now my response can go one of two ways. And here is my suggestion to those of you who lack the ability to communicate openly because you suck at life, BE HONEST.

I don't mind working out with other people, however, I choose to workout alone. I find it less distracting and I always seem to get a better, harder, workout when I'm alone.

Response 1: "Sounds good. I'll be there at 8am."
     *This response answers the initial question, and it clarifies any follow up questions. The where is a given (the same damn gym you see me at everyday) and I've stated the time that I will be available. If the invitee is unable to join me at that time- that's his problem.

Response 2: "Nope. I appreciate the invite, but I'm all about getting my sweat on solo."
     *This was my actual response. I answered the question and offered an explanation for declining.


Now, when I invite someone to do something. I am like a rocket scientist. It's precise, detailed, and so simple that half the time you can literally respond with either a thumbs up or a thumbs down to indicate your level of involvement.

"Yo. The movie starts at 7pm then I'm grabbing dinner afterwards. You in?"

Seriously... Thumbs up= Yes. Thumbs down= No. I don't need you to explain yourself if you don't want in. All you have to do is communicate a simple yes or no. But when you just flat out do not respond in general and then call me at 11am the next fucken day... you can go ahead and sit on a stick. Preferably one that has been broken in half, splintered, and dipped in acid.

And also, I know I'm not everyone's cup of tea. To be totally honest, I'm surprised that I have as many friends as I do to begin with. I'm not an easy person to like that's for sure. But, the thing with me is that it does not hurt my feelings if you're just not that into me. I am not a mind reader and I cannot stress this enough, but you don't have to EXPLAIN yourself. 9 times out of 10, I don't even care enough to hear an explanation. But a definitive statement is all that it takes to get your point across.

In conclusion,

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