Friday, January 31, 2014

January Favorites

[So, I thought I posted this already but clearly I was wrong.

I also thought that I wrote this all out and had it scheduled to publish but after looking through all my drafts, I see nothing of the sort. Did I just dream up the idea that I wrote a January Favorites blog post??? Hum... I think the mythical creatures that used to steal my clothes in Italy have followed me here and are deleting my writing.]

Face: I've rediscovered my love for the Tarte Amazonian Clay illuminating BB cream this month. I love how it makes my skin glow like I've been kicking it on the seaside of Capri. Moisturizing and good for my skin. Win win.

Eyes: I happened to grab the last Too Faced "Joy to the Girls" holiday pallet at a mad discount. I apparently have gotten lazy with my eye makeup so I have been doing a lot of that "natural" look lately. My favorite shadows from this pallet are Powdered Sugar and Mulberry.

Lips: Because my eyes have been very subtle, I try to do something bold with my lips to make me look less... dead. I have lost my summer tan (Thank you perpetual rain and gloom that is Seattle life) so to capitalize on the dead vampire girl look, I've been rocking red lips a lot this month. Palladio lip liner in Candy Apple and lipstick in Just red.

Body: So, I'm sort of addicted to body lotion. I usually go for my natural or organic stuff but this past month I cannot get over the scent of Avon's Naturals hand and body lotion in Apricot and Shea. It's not greasy after application which is why I think I like it so much.

Hair: Velcro rollers. I love them. Been using them like it's going out of style. It's just so simple and fast and it gives my short hair tons of volume. Def a staple this month.

Nails: So, you know how it used to be a fashion faux pas to clash red and pink? I'm a rebel. Red lips and bright girly pink has been my color scheme as of late. I've been wearing Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails polish in Party Hardy.

Clothing: Alright, I hate to admit this but I've fallen in love with my Adidas hoodie. I picked it up while I was visiting brothers in Texas and I've worn it practically everyday since then. The cut its outstanding. It is unlike any other hoodie I have. The material is heavy enough to keep me warm, but not thick where I end up looking like a bum or a marshmallow. Plus, it's got this deep pink and teal detailing and that makes me feel more feminine even though I'm undoubtedly in a hoodie.

Music: Awolnation. I've become obsessed. I don't know where it came from but I can't get enough. I am already sad about this though because with intense infatuation, I know as quickly as I got into them, I will fall out of love with them just as fast.

Food: January is the month of guacamole. I've eaten soooo much guacamole this month it's impressive. At one point, I did in fact just have a bowl of it for dinner.

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