Friday, February 28, 2014

February Favorites

Feb Faves!

Face: Burt's Bees facial cleansing towelettes. I started going to the gym in the afternoon and these are awesome as an afternoon facial refresher for those days that I have to be somewhere immediately after my workout.

Eyes: This has to be one of my all time favorite trios. I remember using this in high school. I've rediscovered my love for the CG trio in Golden Sunset. Been rocking golden eyes all month.

Lips: I'm a huge fan of Revlon lippies. So, when they came out with their new line of Colorburst lip balms (Matte and Lacquer) I had to get my hands on them. I picked up the shade in Coquette and I love love love it. It's a pretty pink that has fantastic potential to be a super bright pink. I use it sparingly and so one swipe gives me this 'my lips but better' look.

Body: I take baths like nobody's business. It's been really cold here lately, like bitterly so. My nighttime routine this month has been to make a drink and take a bath while listening to Pink Floyd's Wish you were here album. I found this awesome German honey and almond soak at Metropolitan Market and I've used it for every bath so far. The first time I used it, I was so relaxed that I passed out in the bath... I've adjusted the amount that I use now and so fear not- there will be no accidental drownings in this here flat.

Hair: So, my hair is growing out quite quickly and the velcro rollers are great. But, I have to give mad props to my sweet teasing comb this month. The one I picked up is by Cricket and the variations in bristle length do a great job at getting my hair teased with just a couple strokes. Makes the possibility of Peg Bundy helmet hair very attainable.

Nails: China Glaze vs OPI. Listen, I'm a fan of both but when I don't have the patience to sit there for 2 hours while my nails cure, I grab any bottle of China Glaze. I love how the formula sets up quickly and I don't have to worry about it chipping even without a top coat. This month, I've been rocking some wicked goth nails. China Glaze in Liquid Leather. Def Feb Fav.

Clothing: Um, I guess it has to be my Kyoto trench rain jacket from REI. The rain has been relentless this month and the cheery bright lime green keeps me from slitting my wrists. =P

Music: There are 3 songs that have been on constant repeat this month. Tegan and Sara's Not Tonight,  JR Aquino's cover of Drunk in Love by Beyonce, and Daniela Andrade's version of Crave you by Flight Facilities. Like constant replay... all day, everyday.

Food: Zesty pickles. Long story short, I had to wash my sheets at 2am because I was eating a jar of pickles in bed and things got out of control. They are so good.

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