Sunday, February 2, 2014

Seahawks' Super Bowl!

The city was decked out in Blue and Green. The energy, words can't even begin to describe. I was pumped, a nervous wreck, and so ready to experience this game.

Let me just put out a full disclosure. The last time I voluntarily sat down to watch a football game (before this season) was Super Bowl XXXIII Broncos vs Falcons. As it turns out, I had no interest in it. And I've been that way pretty much my whole life.

But, something happened this past fall and I "forced" myself to see what the hype was all about and holy moly- I'm sort of a fanatic now. To the point where I would wake up at 2am (Italy time) just to stream the game. This might not sound like odd behavior for those fans stationed overseas but for me, this was outrageous! 
As the 2013 season developed so did my support for the Seahawks and true interest in the game. It was about 4 or 5 games in that I started to figure it all out. The many rules and point conversion things still confuse me, but surely- I'll get it all down next season.
So here, the morning of the game- I am donning my sweet Miller (#86) jersey and packing up the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes I just made. On my way to a Super Bowl Party. And totally amped about it! "WHO IS THIS GIRL!?!?!" I think to myself as I catch a glimpse of my reflection on the way out the door... *Sigh
Anyway, so I'm not going to be one of those guys who regurgitates a play by play. You watched the game... you saw what I saw. And if you didn't, that's probably because you don't really care. Which is fine too. =)
The main reason why I'm even writing is not only to celebrate the fact that the Hawks dominated one of the greatest football teams ever but to share with you the awesome feeling of "community" I finally feel here in Seattle.
A few weeks back I was complaining about how I just haven't gotten into the groove of things here. Yea, it's taken me a little longer than expected and I was upset about it. I was upset about leaving Italy, I was upset that I wasn't finding my place in Seattle. Bored because school hasn't started, not really looking forward to returning to the work force. Missing my brothers, missing my niece, missing my best friend who is still in Italy, etc.
But all of that has changed this past week. (I still miss my loved ones, obvi,  I'm just not upset anymore.) And it changed because of football? I guess so! For the past six days I wore my Seahawks jerseys and I was utterly shocked at the amount of attention I received. I'm talking like HUNDREDS of high fives throughout the week. It was ridiculous! Everywhere I went, I was getting big smiles, high fives and "Go Hawks!" for DAYS! This was insane to me. And I liked it!

Finally- a sense of community. Something without commitment or pressure yet full on welcoming acceptance if one chooses to participate. Win win. Go Hawks!
And seriously, a big thanks to the sweet ass city of Seattle. Brother was in town for the weekend and all he had to say was how amazing this place is. He really enjoyed the scenery, the pride of keeping the city clean, and mostly the vibe he got. He never once felt uneasy or "threatened" here and he's seriously looking into moving up this way. We've been all over the world and so that is a pretty high compliment if he's willing to pack up his life and move up here just after three days in town. Good job Seattle!

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