Monday, November 10, 2014

It's like pulling teeth

My days are so ridiculously chaotic that I really don't know how I remember to feed myself half the time. I've been trying to update this blog for weeks and every single time I sit down to write, something else requires my immediate attention. It's almost like I shouldn't be writing anymore at all.

So to ease back into the #bloggerlife, I've decided that as I'm lying here in bed- I'm just going to write. I'm not going to try to put any significant content in this post because for fuck's sake, I just need to post something.

Here is a super quick recap of what's been going on since the last post. I am six weeks in for this fall quarter and it's truly been a blur. I think my Purchasing class is a crock of shit, my Food and Bev class is interesting but the most captivating aspect is my instructor. He's a wine importer and a proper man. I enjoy his lecture style and his plethora of information that he so willingly shares. He's also a scientist so the viticulture lectures draw me in like hypnosis. My third management class is held on the main campus which is irritating because of the gaggle of weirdos that I have to be around. The content of the class is redundant but thankfully my instructor is entertaining. Finally, my kitchen class- it's World Cuisine this quarter and I'm still unsure of how I feel about it. I feel challenged when it comes to the academic portion but as far as lab (the actual cooking) I'm once again left unsatisfied.

Speaking of unsatisfied... haha
My poor ass excuse of a social life has taken a major plummet. As if it could get any worse?!? It sure as shit did. During the summer. I made a few friends and it was awesome getting to hang out with people on the rare occasion that I had an hour or two to spare in between classes and homework. The casual dating scene was cool for a minute, but I'm just not really into it. I think the random hook up situation is best left for the birds.

I met a guy- he's quite charming. And that's all I'm going to say on that.

Seattle has gone full force into the epitome of fall. Cold, dark, and rainy for days on end. It's been lovely. I've been able to dance in the rain just a handful of times. One of those nights, I think I almost fell in love. I ran out into the pouring rain and couldn't stop giggling because I was just so happy. When I realized that he was still standing there on the porch, watching me with a little amused smile on his face, the look of acceptance he gave me sent shivers down my spine. He's never seen me like that, carefree and playful. He said he loved the sound of my laugh that night- he said he's never heard a more genuine laugh ever before in his life. And it was sweet because in that moment I was actually genuinely happy. I haven't been able to "let my hair down" with anyone for quite some time now and it felt wonderful to do that with someone who actually noticed and appreciated it.

And now it is time to post this so I can go hit the hay.
I hope you have a wonderful Monday. If you get bored of all the words, hop on over to my IG page and check out some pics.

Until next time, much love,

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