Sunday, June 19, 2011

Olive U Naturally

Husband is a health nut. He lives and breathes all things healthy and beneficial for the body. Eating the right foods is just as important to him (and to me) as giving our bodies a legitimate workout on a daily basis.

Since butter is not allowed in our house we had to figure out a way to turn our meals into something that was not only good for us but tasted good too.

Enter Olive Oils.

Granted we're still very reserved when using olive oils while cooking, we always have a healthy stock of delicious flavored olive oils to choose from. This keeps our taste buds interested in the foods we're eating. Grilled chicken breast and steamed vegetables can get really really boring very quickly and using these olive oils help create a different culinary experience at every meal.

There are several really awesome health benefits that are gained from ingesting olive oils which you can read about here. But honestly, the reason why I like to use olive oils is because I'm a foodie at heart and very few things make me happier than really good tasting food that's also really good for me!

Husband and I take a short drive up north to Prescott, Az and stop in to this awesome little store about two or three times a year to stock up on their olive oils. While we're there we also indulge ourselves by getting a couple wild flavored balsamic vinegars to accompany our oils.

Here are a few of our favorites!

Fantastic as a marinade for grilled shrimp and also great drizzled on steamed vegetables.

Perfect with just salt and pepper for a chicken marinade over whole wheat pasta.

We use this combo to grease our pans for pizza or baked sweet potato fries.
 The spice from the Harissa oive oil is amazingly delicious!

Simply delightful marinade for beef. We used this combo when we grilled top round sirloin for beef fajitas.
 The cool thing about having a variety of olive oils and balsamic vinegars is that we're able to experiment and create fantastic flavor profiles that brighten what could be very boring meals.

Anyway, check out the store it's called
located in Prescott, Az.
There's a link above but if you missed it just click here

I'd like to hear about your favorite combinations so post a comment below telling us all about it!

Thanks and just know that "Olive U!" Haha... Naturally.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Review of Natural Radiance Blusher

Originally submitted at

This exquisite, delicate, pigment payoff makes cheeks radiant combined with a healthy-looking glow.  Infused with texturizing agents, skin feels smooth and pores are minimized.

It's exactly what I expected.
By CrisM from Phoenix, Az on 6/18/2011
3out of 5
Pros: Lightweight, Easy To Apply
Cons: Doesn't Stay On, Poor Coverage, Messy, Ineffective
Best Uses: Quick pop of color
Describe Yourself: Classic Style
Skin Tone: Medium
It's rather tiny and quite messy. One little swipe of my blush brush sends a dust storm of blush particles flying all over my bathroom sink! I picked up Shy and Glow and I appreciate the lightness of this product which is great for a super quick natural looking pop of color for when I'm in a rush to get somewhere. I wouldn't use it as my everyday blush but I suppose it would be a decent item to take along for a day trip or to keep in my after gym make up bag.

My Review of the Essential Lipstick

Great if you're playing dress up.
By CrisM from Phoenix, Az on 6/18/2011
2out of 5
Pros: Good Value, Easy To Apply, Good Pigmentation
Cons: Wears Off Easily
Describe Yourself: Classic Style
Skin Tone: Medium
Age: 16-24
I think I expected too much from these lipsticks because I had such a great experience with the lip stain. Sadly, these lipsticks didn't do anything for me. They are really creamy and super easy to apply though, if that counts. I purchased Classy and Posh and while they are fantastic colors, I will not wear them out because they kind of look and feel like the type of stuff little girls are given to play dress up with. I guess, if I'm in a pinch I'd swipe on a light coat and throw on some gloss on top of it but other than that I won't be repurchasing.

My Review of Lip Stain

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Achieve full coverage that lasts for hours with this long-wear formula. Enjoy silky matte color or layer on the moisturizing clear gloss for a shiny look. With key Vitamins A & E your lips stay smooth all day long.

Great Buy!
By CrisM from Phoenix, Az on 6/17/2011
4out of 5
Pros: Even Application, True To Color, Great Color Selection
Cons: Drying
Best Uses: Anytime
Describe Yourself: Classic Style
I really wish I had found this lip stain before I shelled out big bucks for Tarte's Matte Lip Stain. I got this stain in Bombshell and I really like the color. It's slightly more orange than my natural lip color which gives my lips this nice natural looking pop. I like the even coverage and the lasting color (I'll reapply maybe two or three times during a normal day but I do drink tons of water)I don't use the gloss as it feels cheap... kind of oily and it doesn't really add enough shine.

My Review of Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

Originally submitted at
Get no smudge with no-budge eyeliner, which creates a fabulous and fresh look of precision that lasts for hours. The smooth pen applicator easily glides on color for very fine to bold lines for effortless beauty.

Plum eyeliner pen is a 2010 Siempre Mujer Makeup Award winner
Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
My absolute FAVORITE eyeliner EVER!
By iHeartCrisM from Phoenix, Az on 6/1/2011
4out of 5
Pros: Easy To Apply, Bold Color, Long-Lasting, Doesn't Run, Easy Removal, Glides On Smoothly
Cons: Tough cap removal
Best Uses: Going Out, Everyday, Thicker Line, Thin Defined Line
Describe Yourself: Classic Style
I have tried many different liquid eyeliners and this one by far is my absolute favorite! I think the stiff felt tip is perfect for applying a super thin line which is great for a quick natural look as well as a thicker line for a more dramatic look. I like the formula of this eyeliner because it doesn't peel or flake like other waterproof eyeliners tend to do. The only thing I find kind of annoying (for maybe a milisecond) is the fact that the pen I have takes a gladiator grip to get the cap off. Perhaps I just got a weird one. So don't let that scare you off from this wonderful product!

My Review of Waterproof Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara

Originally submitted at

Achieve thicker, fuller, and longer lashes that are beautiful and natural. The enlarged brush coats your lashes evenly for an enhanced appeal. The unique formula is clump free and quick drying so you can have color that stays on all day with no smudging and no flaking. Waterproof, tear-proof and s...

Eh... it's a $3 mascara...
By CrisM from Phoenix, Az on 6/17/2011
1out of 5
Pros: Lengthens
Cons: Difficult To Remove, Wand is terrible, Heavy, Too runny, Smudges or Runs
Describe Yourself: Classic Style
I am always searching for THE PERFECT mascara and unfortunately this one doesn't even come close to a mascara that I would keep in my collection just to use if I'm ever in between tubes. The formula is too wet which means that it weighs down my curled lashes making them stick straight out! The wand is not very good for application because it's too sparse and stiff which offers ZERO volumizing. The lengthening aspect is kind of true since it makes my lower lashes look really long BUT it's not as waterproof as I'd like it. It smudges within a couple hours and my long lower lashes aren't even visible anymore since all people can see are my raccoon eyes caused by this mascara. I've held onto it for this long (about a month) hoping that with constant use the formula would dry out a little which offers better results but I was wrong.

My Review of Eyelid Primer

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Preps your eyelid for smoother, longer-lasting and crease-proof eyeshadow. The ultra sheer nude color works to increase eye color longevity. The lightweight liquid formula quickly absorbs into the skin for comfortable wear.

Absolute Essential!
By CrisM from Phoenix, Az on 6/17/2011
4out of 5
Pros: Easy To Apply, Easy Removal, Smooth Look, Long Lasting
Best Uses: Everyday
Describe Yourself: Classic Style
I've only used one other eyeshadow primer besides this one and I'd rather use this one! I appreciate the creamy consistency when it comes out of the tube making the application really easy and even. It dries almost powdery which results in a smooth application of shadows. I haven't had any issues with creasing although I do live in a region where humidity is really low so keep that in mind.

My Review of Blending Eye Brush

Originally submitted at

Expertly blends multiple eye shades while softening dramatic edges and fine lines. Brush can also multitask – use it to set powder or liquid concealer.
All e.l.f. professional makeup brushes have been designed and tested by professional makeup artist Scott Vincent Borba. Each brush has been er...

Excellent Multi-tasking Brush!
By CrisM from Phoenix, Az on 6/17/2011
4out of 5
Pros: Easy To Use, Soft Bristles, Functional
Best Uses: Everyday
Describe Yourself: Classic Style
I'm a huge believer in finding multi- purpose tools and this brush is the epitome of multi- purpose! The bristles are fantastic for picking up a good amount of color and it distributes evenly and with just a few strokes. I also use this brush to duh BLEND! It's a great tool and I'm sorry that I've gone so long without it! The price is a total steal for a wonderful must have item in my (and YOUR) make up bag! I suggest you purchase two of these brushes, one for light colors and then one for darker colors.

My Review of the Everyday Classics Eyeshadow Palette

Totally worth it!
By iHeartCrisM from Phoenix, Az on 6/1/2011
4out of 5
Pros: Good Pigmentation, Good Value, Long Lasting
Best Uses: Special Occasions, Daily Use
Describe Yourself: Classic Style
Skin Tone: Medium
Age: 25-34
I have dark brown eyes and medium tan skin. The Everyday Classics palette provides a fantastic array of colors that give my eyes a gorgeous pop! The pigmentation is great which means I don't have to pile on the product to get the color to show up. I do suggest using the Eyelid primer to ensure that the color lasts all day and to prevent creasing.

E.L.F. Revisited

So I've been using my E.L.F. stuff almost on a daily basis and I went ahead and did official reviews of each product on the website. I'll be posting all the separate reviews on the products here shortly.

I encourage you to do as much research as possible before spending any money on anything, especially if you're purchasing stuff online. I rely a lot on reviews from people who've purchased products that I'm interested in which is why I've been tons of reviews lately.

My opinions on these products haven't changed in the month that I've had them, expect for a couple little things so be sure to read the individual reviews as well.

Also, I'll be making another E.L.F. purchase within the next couple of days so be on the look out for the new stuff I'll be trying out!

Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to wear sun screen!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stuck in a Make-up Rut!

It's hot outside.
Az summers are killer and there is nothing more gross feeling than my make up
literally melting off my face the minute I walk outside.

Every year around this time I try to figure out better ways to use less make up.
And every year around this time I find myself
in a make-up rut.

It's hard to prioritize my make up needs when the bottom line is that
as soon as I leave an a/c environment my make up will melt off
and all my flaws will be harshly displayed.

"So why even bother with make up in the first place," you ask???

Well, because I'm a girl. A girl who is a slave to make up.
A girl who just wants to have glowing skin and blushed cheeks
with the perfect winged eyeliner and shimmery kissable lips... even in the summer.

One of my recently favorite make up gurus has given me a helpful hint to getting out of
a summer (or anytime) make up rut.
You can check her out here.

So far it's been a nice little change. She inspired me to reorganize my make up collection
which resulted in me rediscovering new products and in turn helped
create new looks.

I haven't figured out how to apply less make up while achieving the same coverage results though.
So that's kind of a bum.

If you have any suggestions on what types of products I could
try, I'd love to hear about it.
Leave a comment below and I'll be sure to check it out!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This month marks the finish of my first serious month of workouts. I've been following the workouts since December 2010 but only this month have I taken the time to write down each exercise I do daily. The idea is to understand my fitness level and to work towards doing better the next time that particular exercise is done.

There were a few days this month that I didn't dedicate myself enough to working out (9 days total) and I wrote it down in my exercise log. Let me tell you, flipping through the pages and seeing a highlighted section that says "NO WORKOUT" followed by my reason (or uh excuse) kinda hurts and is super embarrassing. On one day that I didn't workout my reason was because I was blogging all day! Oh brother! I remember that day too... I shouldn't have blogged about CAKES all day for sure!

But that's the beauty about keeping an exercise log, it points out the areas where I can make improvements and teaches me that there are more important things that I need to focus on.

BodyRock has been great so far. I appreciate the kind of workouts that are posted online. It's challenging enough to get a serious burn from yet simple enough for me to do at home with very limited equipment. I have noticed a significant difference in my physique along with my endurance during certain exercises. My push ups have become an easy task and squats are accomplished with a huge smile on my face! All thanks to Zuzana and her killer workouts!

Zuzana doing sandbag squats and side planks. Talk about visual motivation!
 BodyRock does try to incorporate cardio in various ways, such as with knee highs or jump rope but I don't find it sufficient enough for what I'm trying to accomplish. This month (June) I'm going to try to get a run in at least three times a week by the end of the month on top of my daily training with BodyRock.

I haven't set a goal yet (with my weight or size) because I don't want to set myself up for failure. My approach with this is to just 'be better.' Take what I am now and improve as steadily as I can. I encourage you to do the same. Check out Bodyrock.Tv and give the workouts a try. You've got nothing to lose... except for the fat of course!