Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reflection Sunday

   I would hope that I'm not the only person who reads this blog. But even if that were in fact the truth, I think it's still a great place to express my thoughts. These past few weeks that I've been doing "Reflection Sunday" have been quite fun for me. Going back and reading some of the very few posts containing actual substance is interesting because I get to see how I've grown, or at least it helps me see myself in a different light. 

   I am a Leo and we are now in the month of the Leo. This means that there is going to be a lot of creativity pouring from my soul and having this blog will help me catalog my thoughts and provides a one way platform for me to express the energy that was dormant for a while. 

   Slowly, I feel something deep inside me coming alive. I'm usually very creative and always hyper so I am excited to see what this next month will be like for me. I tend to give into spontaneous activities. This was undeniably made evident by my recent purchase of a couple concert tickets for bands that I have no real connection to, in terms of musical preference. Music is as constant to my life as air and water. It was weird to me that I've remained pretty unadventurous in my musical line up. So I took a chance and gave into a few bands that I wouldn't have ever given a chance on. I wouldn't say that I'm all that into the bands that I'm going to see, depends on my mood really. But, I'm excited for the experience. And really, going into something with an open mind can bring on a very unexpected and often times pleasant outcome. At least for me, that's the end result. 

   Last night, I watched "All about Steve" and it was a very good movie. Sandra Bullock's character "Mary" is very inspirational. She was awkward and very forward and was considered abnormal in today's society of acting cool and dispassionate about lots of things. When did we as a collective think that someone with massive amounts of passion for life was uncool? I've fallen victim to blending into the crowd once or twice in my life but what truly makes me happy is finding a group of people who accepts and celebrates my 'weird' quirks. 

   I am dramatic. I exaggerate pretty much everything that comes out of my mouth. I think I do this not to impress the people I'm talking with, but because I am filled with passion about pretty much everything. Even the things I don't necessarily like- I still have the passion to discuss it with gumption and actual emotion. "Mary" never apologized for her quirks, she just accepted it and never held back when dealing with the mean mean world. She didn't settle for someone who can tolerate her, and because of that, she found a bunch of people just as quirky and unapologetic for their extraordinary outlook on life. I think we can all take a little cue from her and practice that in our own lives. If everyone can just accept the shit that makes us different, I think we'd have a much better time living together on this Earth.

  Personally, I enjoy getting to know someone new. I ask tons of questions, usually very logical and not often do I dwell on hypothetical scenarios. I find great gaiety in learning about a person's past and future life goals. Some might find my almost photographic memory a little "stalker-ish" but I won't apologize for legitimately caring about a person right off the bat. I am a collector of amazing people and I have no time or space in my short life on this Earth for people who are anything but extraordinary. I have pretty high standards for the people I choose to keep in my life and for the new people I've met recently, I hope you can learn to appreciate that about me. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Reflection Sunday

Italy is badass and I love it.

Today after my weekly lunch date at my favorite Indian restaurant I took a little stroll east. Just ten minutes away from my house is a cool little place called Sesto al Reghena. I ended up in what I assume is the city center, or some kind of really neat park. It was completely desolate and quite serene. There was a giant billboard advertising an unplugged show of sorts happening within the next few weeks.

Just recently I was introduced to Local Natives and I'm actually quite keen on that band so I was absolutely tickled pink to find out that they will be here in a couple weeks. The venue is absolutely incredible. It is tiny. Like tiny, intimate, and no place would be better for this show than this little piazza.
Grassy knoll past the bell tower
From the entrance looking in
From the bell tower looking out
I've already planned to go see Rammstein in Codroipo this July. Parking is quite the conundrum here so I figured I should at least check out what I would be dealing with. As it turns out the venue is stunning and I can only imagine how amazing that show will be. It's an open courtyard that is rather vast but still small enough that it's not daunting for me to attend solo. The parking today wasn't too bad- but I have absolutely no idea how it will be set up on the day of the show. I found one public restroom that is shady as all hell... that prompted a funny conversation about the SheWee contraption, but that is a whole other post.
The Villa, where I think they'll set up the stage

From the Villa looking out

Anyway, as the opening line of this post says, Italy is badass. It really is. There has never been a place that I've stumbled upon that hasn't completely impressed me. I mean sure, the well known places are absolutely beautiful but I truly prefer to be in a place that isn't crowded or exploited for its beauty. Today was one of those days that made me feel utterly lucky to be alive. Just to see with my own two eyes the amazing history of these centuries old buildings was very humbling.

I love the fact that no matter where I go, mainstream tourist spots or off the beaten path, there is always something to question, something that I get to learn about. I'm never bored or unimpressed here and that is super rad.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Reflection Sunday

Which is worse?

Being so easily influenced that you put a chameleon to shame or being so close minded that you never change?

I think being so easily influenced is worse because I struggle with a strong self image. Well, I don't struggle with it personally. I struggle with the idea that other people in my life have problems truly accepting the person they are and being confident in themselves enough to not allow others to dictate their way of thinking and behaving.

Freezing to death or sweating for eternity?

I am the one in four women who sweat profusely. I run a constant internal body temperature of 100 degrees at all times and when summer comes around I nearly retreat into hibernation. I dislike sweating outside normal circumstances that warrant sweat (i.e. the gym, sauna, beach, hiking, etc.) When I'm sitting in a restaurant just marinating in my own sweat, I immediately start to lose it. It's uncomfortable and peeling off clothes is usually not an option so the thought of being drenched in sweat from head to toe and having no satisfaction that it will end soon makes me want to vomit.

Drinking in excess and never getting drunk or smelling alcohol fumes and immediately getting smashed?

This is a funny topic for me because I'm sort of Asian and I lack the enzyme that metabolizes alcohol. Some people believe that I just have low tolerance for booze which is an inaccurate presumption. On a personal level I think it is worse to not be able to get drunk even after loading your body with tons of boozy beverages. I think everyone deserves the ability to let lose and chill out and if you can't ever get drunk like ever, that might be a very sad way to live.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Venice like a boss

I live embarrassingly close to Venice. 

There are times when my heart calls out for a place just like Venice- with the massive amounts of tourists from all over the world, overly priced cappuccinos, and the vibe of rich history being gawked at and essentially celebrated. 

I felt like that today. So, without really putting much thought into what I was going to do, I jumped into my sweet little ride and drove to Venice. Having a compulsory urge to hang out in Venice meant that I would be walking the cobble stone streets in 4 inch stilettos... totally worth it. 

Installation Art

This trip was all about impulses and whims. I just basically went about the day with absolutely zero idea of where I was going or what I'd do where ever I ended up at the moment. This is a very expensive way to spend the day. But again, totally worth it. 

My lovely server

Orchestra is so perfect for high tea

I stumbled into this really cool jazz bar called Bacaro. 
If you give them your bra, they'll give you a free tank top. Totally worth it. =)

What else happened on this trip- oh yea, I bought a fedora. =/ 
Word on the street (literally) is that it was a good purchase. 

Met another Chris in Venice, he liked my hat

Gondola Station

Rialto Bridge

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Reflection Sunday

My thoughts for this Sunday:

1.) Would my shoe collection still be comprised of 78% heels if I were 4 inches taller?

So, I come in at a whopping 5 feet 3 inches tall. I think that the reason why I own so many pairs of heels is because I aspire to be at least 5'6'' at all times. If I were in fact 5'7'', would I still be so drawn to shoes that are scientifically terrible for my bones?

2.) Is it really practical for me to have a ZX6 as my only vehicle?

I love the idea of just owning a motorcycle. I've always wanted one and I enjoy riding so much. It's a thing I've always been into since I was a kid. I remember being like 7 and begging my brother to let me ride his dirt bike. Mind you, it was a YZ250 and I could barely grab hold of the handle bars and my feet dangled a good foot higher than the pegs. So, he propped me up and held onto me as he let me roll down the hill from our house. It was quite the rush haha.

But in all seriousness, is it really practical? For me? I think I already know the answer to this question and it's a big fat "No." Here's why:
   Riding boots are usually flat. That already seems like a terrible idea. I'd have to be in flats 100 percent of the time. I don't have pants that accommodate this.
   I'd rather be a safe rider because it is undeniably STUPID for people to not wear protection while riding. I love my jacket but it's hot. I run a constant internal temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so being wrapped in a jacket at all times sounds like a horrible way to live.
   The helmet... I have long, straight hair. The combination of taking my long, straight hair sticking it in a helmet and drenching me in sweat from head to toe is a disaster case that I'm not willing to subject myself to.

And those reasons are not even the "practical" scenarios. I love to cook and bake. Where would I put my groceries? I have a dog, where would she sit? Baby Bjorn for the pup? I think not. She's 19 pounds and easily stressed out. She would not do good strapped to my back riding at any speed or even just standing perfectly still.

The pros to only having a motorcycle: I would most likely hardly ever be late. I wouldn't spend so much time getting ready since no matter where I go, I'll end up looking like a pissed off cat in the bath. I can pretty much find parking anywhere. I'll save money on gas.

Ugh- I'm still highly considering it. Dang it.

3.) What is it with this cat and her obsession with stealing all my hair ties?

I'm not a terrible pet parent. I make sure my animals have tons of stuff to play with and I interact with them quite frequently. Yes, I do go around my house and collect all their toys and put it in a toy bucket because I can't stand stuff scattered about my floor. But, they have access to their toys and they do grab stuff out to play with. But my one sweet cat, Bitch Tits, is absolutely obsessed with my hair ties. She stalks me outside my bathroom and watches me take my hair down and eyeballs my hair tie on the sink. It's rather scary- her passion for collecting these things is incredible. I've always wanted to do an experiment with her. Live baby bird on one side vs a box of hair ties. The sad thing is I'm almost certain that she'd attack the box of hair ties. What is it with the hair ties???

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Reflection Sunday

Three things I'm pondering on this mildly satisfying Sunday: 

1.) Should I be concerned about the bunny rabbit that's larger than my dog moseying around my yard?

Granted, my dog is rather smallish. She's a Westie/ Schnauzer mix and all of 19 pounds. But I feel like a rabbit shouldn't outweigh her. 

2.) Who has my Tucker Max book? 

Ok, yes. As a female I should be utterly disgusted and offended by Tucker Max and his ridiculous life. That and the fact that he had the audacity to put pen to paper and tell of his exploits of those women. But, come on- he's not entirely to blame for the atrocious things he's written about. The girls that he wrote about were all substandard individuals and they should be honored that he felt remotely compelled to dedicate time to tell of their embarrassing behavior. I mean, really- he's just a guy who writes as he speaks. I'm not apologizing for enjoying his book. 

3.) Where in the world will I be on June 2, 2023?

Ten years ago on this day, I was in Japan dreading the end of the week. My then boyfriend (now husband) would be graduating from high school and shortly thereafter moving away. I was a year behind him in school so the thought of being without him really freaked me out. I can't imagine what our life would be like in another 10 years and that is rather exciting.