Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My 27th year. It's one for the books alright.

Ok, so I have been going over a bunch of different topics to write about for today's post. I wasn't remotely enthused about any of the lame stuff I thought of. Apparently I'm suffering from a spell of writer's block. See my previous post?

So late last night I decided to take a trip south first thing in the morning. Like 6am early. It's several hours away and it seems really cool and I was super excited. As an early bday present, Mother Nature gifted me an awesome storm. So wicked- it hard core thundered and flood rained for like two hours straight as insane lightening lit up the sky. I sat outside in the rain and couldn't help but giggle because I feel like no matter how old I am, I will always want to play in the rain.

If I never believed in signs I sure as hell do now.

Sign number 1: Road block. 

Anyway, woke up to the sound of screaming chain saws before the sun even broke the horizon. Not really something I get a warm fuzzy feeling about. Jumped out of bed and ran to my window and basically I saw one of my giant 60 year old maple trees totally uprooted by the storm. It was blocking the only road out of here. My neighbors Humberto and Giacomo were working diligently to clear the road.

Sign number 2: Wet T-shirt, not the good kind either

No big deal, went about my morning as planned although I was about two hours behind. So I'm walking out the door and I just felt the urge to wash my hands real quick. A cup in the sink overflowed with soapy water, tipped over, and splashed all over my pristine white shirt. The combination of explicatives that spewed out of my mouth would have made an old crusty EOD tech blush. Changed clothes and pushed forward.

Sign number 3: The bees

As I was pulling out of my drive way I got out to close my front gate behind me. Without thinking about it I quickly slammed one side of the gate and went to grab the other. But all of a sudden there were stupid bees swarming my noggin'. Screams, head flailing about like a crazy person and more explicatives. I managed to get back into my car unharmed. I did have an irritated eye for about 30 minutes because one of the bees flew into my eyeball.

Sign number 4: Directionless.

The storm killed my Internet at home. That was totally expected. So I didn't get a chance to scope out the direction in which I should be traveling today. I dusted off my GPS and plugged in the addy. "Location not found."Awesome. My GPS couldn't find an entire city. My mobile Internet connection was going in and out and still is as I write this post. It was stupid. I had no idea how to get there. Like no clue whatsoever. After Venice I'm driving blind. WTF is going on today?!?!

Needless to say I've had a very eventful day. I ended up just driving for a couple hours, got lost in a couple different towns nearby. Had unbelievable amounts of coffee. Found a mall. It was shit. Bought a dress there anyway. Not particularly how I thought today would go but the night is still young. Perhaps something awesome is waiting for me out there. Getting ready to go to dinner. I'm doing good though and I haven't cried yet so keep your fingers crossed that I make it through the night without any more ridiculous catastrophes.

Much Love,

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Selfie Sunday: Heliophilia

It's the last Sunday of the month and the end of my Selfie Sundays series. Today has been a very atypical Sunday for me because quite frankly I haven't done anything all day. Not one significant thing. So. I'm going to tell you all about my mundane day. Get comfy... it's going to put you right to bed.

I woke up around 7:30ish but hung out in bed until  8am. I didn't really feel like doing much away from home so I did my morning ritual of teeth cleaning, face washing, and hair brushing with no intention of going anywhere. No make up day. Gasp! All my animals were in the same unmotivated mood so I went to the various rooms they hang out in to wake them up for breakfast. 

It was actually super pretty this morning. It was a cool 80 degrees, overcast, breezy. Really lovely morning. Made myself a cup of delicious Italian coffee and sat outside while my dog did her morning yard exploration. For breakfast, I had turkey sausage and sweet potato hash, a couple over easy eggs and a slice of peanut butter toast. I thought about a fresh cup of orange juice, but opted for a second cup of coffee instead.

I downloaded a documentary about the Seattle music scene, it's called Hype! in case you were wondering. While my bandwidth was being eaten up, I put my Genius playlist on Indie Rock Mix and started cleaning up my house. Something I normally do on Saturdays but yesterday I was preoccupado to the max. Dusted, swept, vacuumed, dishes, cat box, you know- the youj. 

Zipped over to the gym to knock out a quick core workout. There were like 12 people in the entire gym this morning. It was nice. 

Made my way back home a little after 1pm and FaceTimed with my sister who is stationed in Korea. The time difference between us is so annoying. I constantly forget that she's ahead of me and so when I text her when I get home from my daily adventures, it's like 1am her time. SO frustrating. 

I had left overs for lunch. Roasted chicken and quinoa pasta salad, it was very good especially with a 1.5 liter bottle of ice cold water. I sat outside and had lunch while I continued with my sweet Indie Rock genius mix. I fell asleep like immediately after lunch on my patio, I've got the sweet tan lines to prove it.

I forgot that I had that documentary to watch so I started it but 20 minutes into it, I realized I haven't written anything for today's post. So it's on pause now and I'm click clacking away as I lay here sprawled out on my living room couch. It is currently 6:10pm and I am itching to go somewhere. Maybe I'll go somewhere for dinner tonight... I just can't believe I didn't go exploring today. Maybe another night time drive to the beach is in order. We shall see. 

Mama helping me write.
Three things I would like for you to take away from this very dry post: 

1.) I believe in you. If whatever you're doing with your life right now doesn't make you happy, I encourage you to go out on a limb and take a chance to find your happiness.

2.) Think before you speak. This is something I'm trying to do more often for myself because lately, I've noticed that I talk just to hear myself speak. It's terrible and so I started reeling that back in and I think it has made me a better conversationalist and definitely a better listener. 

3.) Organic soy milk spoils. And when that happens it qualifies as one of the top 10 worst things you will ever taste. Pay attention to expiration dates.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sing me a lullaby

I've been battling a little bout of homesickness for close to a month now. 

The OED defines homesickness as "a feeling one has when missing home. Feelings of longing are often accompanied by anxiety and depression. These symptoms may range from mild to severe."

I have lived all over the world and have visited many amazing places. I travel frequently because it really is one of my greatest pleasures in life. I have roots on Guam because I was born and raised there but I don't really have a strong connection to the place. I do not desire to return to the island unless it's for a very very very brief visit. Once I actually go to a new place, I hardly ever feel the need to go back. I like constant forward movement. There is so much to see that I do not want to waste my short time here on places I've already seen. Do it and move on, I say.

When I think of "home" it is usually exactly where I am at that very moment. It is a mindset I put myself in to emit stability, to funny enough, ward off ever feeling homesick. Insert face palm here. For me right now, my home is a beautiful Italian farm house on the outskirts of a tiny town called Fiume Veneto. I can see the Piancavallo mountain range from my drive way (and Krn in Slovenia on a clear day) and I can smell the ocean just 40 minutes away. I've always wanted to live in Europe so imagine my confusion when I feel "homesick" as I'm sitting on my patio, essentially living out my dream.

The mild depression didn't really settle in until a couple days ago. I woke up in my uber comfortable bed to a bright and sunny summer morning. I felt so displaced, so inexplicably uneasy and pretty upset with myself for it. What the hell is wrong with me? Why can't I just be happy with what I've been blessed with? When did I become so fucken entitled? I sat there in total silence and didn't move for hours...

That night I had an incredible dream. I dreamt of a place unknown to me, a place I now can't stop thinking about. Rain was constant during this dream. I walked leisurely in it basking in the feeling of rain kissing my skin, sat on a lovely porch and just watched it pour down for hours, and I listened to it make tranquil sounds outside of an open bedroom window. I saw myself in the third person a couple times and I seemed happier. 

I think rather than an actual place, I am in fact yearning for a state of being. My soul is searching for something greater, something more stimulating. I think there are big changes in my future and I'm excited for whatever it may be. The anxiety, however, is more than I can bear. I do not know what to expect or how to prepare for it. I get in my car and drive in hopes of getting lost somewhere so I can have a minute to just sit and be still. Hoping that by some divine grace I will be directed to the right path. 

My hope is that by filling my days with the most random activities imaginable, it will either distract me or inspire me. Trying to find the silver lining in what could potentially be a pretty serious depression is very tiresome but I believe it is necessary for me right now. I am a positive enough person to understand that I can't have a rainbow without a little rain. Wish me luck and send me happy thoughts.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Selfie Sunday: Even when it's bad, it's not 'that' bad

Nothing beats waking up at 4am by the low hum of his strumming guitar.

I can't wait for you to come home...
He is the air in my lungs; the blood in my veins. Every single thing about him makes my entire body tingle.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Day of shopping in Nove

Got in my car yesterday and decided to go for a drive due west.
Found myself in Nove.
Figured, I should do some ceramics shopping while I'm in town. 
VBC Ceramica is one of the most popular places to pick up
amazing quality, Italian made ceramics. 

 Beautiful displays of their quality hand crafted dinnerware.

The Island Girl in me pretty much flipped out when I saw this!
I love love love the coral motif!

A couple more displays that I was totally drawn to.
If I had zero self control, I would have taken all of those little turquoise dudes home.

This table-scape is absolutely perfect!
I love white everything!!!

Although, the colored ceramics are also very very beautiful.

My final loot.
Vietri, Williams Sonoma, and Tiffany & Co.

Big Smiles!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Selfie Sunday: 25 random facts

  1. I own over 100 pairs of earrings
  2. Peaches are the worst thing to ever be created by nature
  3. Brother Roland by Pickwick is my current favorite song
  4. I used to be a pet parent to a snake named Kole
  5. Cobalt blue is one of my favorite colors to wear
  6. I don't like pancakes
  7. I drive really fast... all the time
  8. The last time I got into a fist fight was in the 8th grade
  9. I wear glasses
  10. I have never broken a bone in my body
  11. I can't stand the smell of popcorn
  12. Painting a house is actually fun to me
  13. Hugging is not my thing
  14. I like high fives instead
  15. 9 is my shoe size
  16. Solo cups in a variety of colors can always be found in my house
  17. Bubble baths are my favorite thing to do when it's raining outside
  18. I love white jackets
  19. I haven't eaten pork in over three years
  20. When I was 8 or 9, I flipped a four wheeler
  21. I have an M endorsement
  22. When I lived in Japan, I used to model for four different clothing magazines
  23. Contrary to popular belief, I am actually very mild tempered
  24. Being honest is one of my greatest strengths
  25. Don't ever expect me to be on time... ever.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Da das ist RAMMSTEIN!!!

Ok, so I'm a girly girl complete with bubbly personality and my favorite color is yellow. I giggle a lot and I'm usually never in a sour mood. (I live in Italy for crying out loud! But that's besides the point...) Upon first meeting me, you'd think to yourself- "Yea, she probably loves Katy and Britney, she's into butterflies and glitter, and her favorite color is probably pink." All of which are understandable. I do have that look and personality.

But in all honesty, I'm a serious ROCK fanatic. I LOVE HARD ROCK!!! Like LOVE LOVE.

Not much makes me happier than some serious head banging rock music that I can jump around and scream to. Not necessarily scream rock or ridiculously grungy stuff (all though, Alice in Chains is one of my favorite bands). But good, well thought out guitar riffs, nasty drum sets, heavy bass, and a strong masculine voice that booms into the mic. My heart is a drum machine.

Nine Inch Nails.
Marilyn Manson.
Alice in Chains.

Classics like Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan... they all have such a strong hold on me. I absolutely love letting that animal inside me rock out to amazing music.

I do tend to venture out and discover new bands with very different sounds because I am a music lover in general, but I always come back to rock.

This week has been an amazing week for me. It was concert week and I feel like I've filled my starving soul to the brim as I drove home dumbfounded by the Rammstein show in Codroipo. Every atom of my being was satisfied while at that show. The world felt right, I felt centered and happy.

Yesterday started off hot as all hell and it was really uncomfortable to be outside. I started jamming out to Rammstein at 7am to gear up for the show while doing chores around the house. 5 hours of Rammstein was just enough to get me pumped for the magic that I was about to be thrown at me. I checked out Rammstein's news feed on FB and immediately started to doubt my previous notion that it was going to be a small show. There were people camped out at the venue already. It was noon and it seemed like they've been there for a while already.

I started to panic. I didn't think I prepped enough for what was about to happen. Should I really go to this thing solo??? Too late in the game to try to get friends on board so I sucked it up- got ready to go and rolled out. I had close to two hours before the show started and I even thought that I was being too prepared... again, not really thinking that there would be that big of a crowd.

Boy, was I wrong. Utterly and undeniably DEAD WRONG. The place was jam packed. There was a gnarly storm coming in and I thought, "cool, it'll make being outside in the middle of July not so bad". Wrong again. The storm dumped buckets of rain on us for hours. I parked probably a three klicks a way from the entrance to the TOWN, not even the actual venue which was probably another klick and a half in. There were cars, campers, and buses (read that again BUSES) for days! It was unbelievable.

Oh yea, storm is coming to get us.

There was lots of standing around and lots of attempted conversations with Germans who spoke very little Italian and absolutely zero English as the storm tore up Codroipo. The crowd demographic: Germans/Austrians 95%, Italians 4.9%, Americans 0.1% I swore, I searched and searched for hours for any sign of another American and the closest I got was a group of 3 dudes who looked just clean cut enough to be from Aviano, they didn't speak as I walked by so there is no telling for sure.
Twas drizzlin' a slightly

Pic doesn't even do justice to how soaked I was

Volbeat was the opening act. I've never even heard of them and they were decent in my opinion. However, the kicker for me was that they did a Johnny Cash cover and fucken rocked it! It was a beautiful rendition and they did something amazing with that song that I didn't even think was possible because come on, Ring of Fire is badass as is. But, Volbeat created something really cool.

Fast forward 4 hours later, soaked head to toe with absolutely zero chance of drying up without a towel and a clothes dryer, Rammstein finally hits the stage and my world explodes. There are no words to describe the feeling that comes over my body as they start their intro. They're pyro fanatics and their shows are so visually stimulating on top of the audio madness that I swear at one point I had to just close my eyes, cock my head back, raise my hands to the heavens,  and just breathe or else I would have passed out from sheer and overwhelming excitement.

Again, I'm rather short and somewhat "pop princess" looking so when they played Mein Teil and I lost my shit, the group of hard core biker boys in my immediate vicinity no shit, stopped head banging and watched me for a good minute. I'm assuming utterly impressed with me screaming every single word to the song and jumping like a kangaroo with my wet hair whipping back and forth. They smiled, I got a couple high fives and the devil horns were thrown and we continued to party. Magical.

I'm done talking now. Here are some pictures!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Of Monsters and Men!

Another magical show at Sesto al Reghena!
The Sexto Unplugged festival is badass,
especially because the venue is incredible.

It's small and intimate and exactly my kind of place
to kick it and enjoy great music.

Of Monsters and Men blew up the town last night
and I'm so stoked that I got the chance to see them live. 

This post is going to be pretty quiet simply because words cannot express how awesome the show was.
That, and I'm sort of late in getting my day started...

The crowd participation was neat.
I took several videos and only a handful of photos, 
which you will see all of here. 

Probably the coolest homage to Italy! It's a OMAM Italian flag and he wore it with pride!

I guess because they are such a huge band
I didn't even attempt to try to meet them after the show. 
So, I meandered down the street
and grabbed a table outside of a sweet little cafe for a night cap
before heading home. 

Lo and behold, very sporadically,
each band member made their way down the little alley I was in.

Big smiles!

and a little bit of tongue...
Just how I like my night to end! 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Local Natives and The Villagers!!!

Probably the second coolest small venue show I've been to, 
the first being A Perfect Circle in Tempe, Arizona 
at the Marquee Theatre back in 2010.

Piazza Castello, Sesto al Reghena- Italy
The Villagers started the festivities shortly after 9pm at Piazza Castello in Sesto al Reghena on Sunday night. For someone like me who is rather new to this whole mellow music movement, they were easy to get into. Not necessarily something I will gravitate to in the future, but definitely enjoyable live. Besides being very talented and passionate about what they do, they earned major cool points with me when they finished their set and sat in the crowd with the rest of us.

This was made evident by a new friend named Jeff, when he pointed out that The Villagers were kicking it on a stoop just four feet from my table. =)

The Villagers, well- two of them anyway
Local Natives got on stage about an hour later and kicked off with more enthusiasm than I thought they would have, especially given the kind of music they create. Italians aren't very showy in terms of how they react to live performances. I mean, shit, I was standing and dancing during their entire set- practically everyone else remained seated. Insert major confused look here along with multiple "WTFs people"?!?!?! 

Encore, finally people got out of their seats!
Maybe it is just American culture to freak out when a band is going nuts on stage? I lost my shit a few times just because of their intensity during a few songs. Taylor was jamming out on stage and I absolutely loved it. Again, not something that I was expecting because although their music can get pretty high tempo, their overall vibe is pretty chill. 

Anyway, the show was awesome. The venue was very impressive and the band has earned a new fan for life. They came out and did an encore and then just walked off stage and came out into the crowd to chat. I got the opportunity to meet and talk to them all and they are a bunch of really cool guys. 
Kelsey and Matt
Thank you guys so much for coming out to this tiny little town and showing Italy some love! I hope to see you guys again soon!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Selfie Sunday: Miss Independent

The month of July is dead smack in the middle of summer. Depending on where I'm at in the world that can mean different things, usually though, I'm not happy. I don't like the heat... like at all. And what is summer all about? Heat and sun. Vomit.

For the next four weeks I'm going to switch it up from Reflection Sundays to Selfie Sundays. Because July is my birthday month and it's the only time I feel comfortable posting about myself as opposed to things I do or see. Make sense?  I'm not too sure what the subject matter is going to be about every week so I think I'll just wing it depending on the shots I get. For today, I'm doing a red, white, and blue theme to keep with last Wednesday's Independence Day!!!

Anyway, stay tuned for my music posts later this week and thanks for stopping by.