Thursday, September 4, 2014

To my Best Friend, on our would-have-been 10th anniversary

My Dearest L, 

It’s September 4th, quarter past midnight. Ten years ago on this day, we were two eager and in love teenagers dealing with the gross humidity of San Antonio. You were at Medina, and I was sleeping on a very worn in bed at Papa’s house. My heart was racing because I knew that when the morning came, I would be able to hold your hand as we promised each other to spend the rest of our days together. I wasn’t afraid though. I had zero doubts about us. I was utterly certain you were the person I wanted to grow old with. Do you remember how I fell in love with the smell of yellow roses that morning? I remember how uncomfortable you felt in your blues, but my goodness you looked so handsome. I remember sitting in the passenger’s seat of the Alero, and thinking to myself how lucky I am to have earned your love. And how excited I was to start our crazy adventures. Ha! Little did we know our life would be one hell of a wild ride. Even at 18, I knew I was the luckiest girl in the world because you picked me. 

You have grown into the most incredible man I have ever known. From your tech school graduation through all your promotions; your countless TDYs and handful of life changing deployments, you have conquered every obstacle thrown your way with humility. As busy as you’ve been with work, taking time to maintain your individuality, family drama, friend drama, cars, cats, all my career changes, and moving six times between three counties and four states, I never once felt out of place because you were my home. My rock. You have always made sure I was properly taken care of. You have kept every single promise since we were 16, and I have always admired that about you. Words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude for everything you’ve done for me and for us. 

This last year has been interesting to say the least. You and I have gone through some serious shit since we decided to split. But because of the man you are, I still have zero doubts about us. We were best friends for so many years and I believe we will remain close until the day we die. Growing old with you is still a reality- we’re just accomplishing that a little differently than we originally planned. Which is ok.

My wish for you on this day, and every year that follows, is that you are filled with the kind of happy memories from our beautiful story to propel you to give love another chance. The way you’ve loved me for so many years brings tears to my eyes because it would be a shame if you don’t ever share that side of you with somebody else. The sparkle in your baby blues when you’re in love is pure bliss and I’ll never forget what that looks like. And I’ll always remain grateful that you gave me the chance to be your wife. 

With all my love, today and always,